• "Our aim is to successfully position quality meat food products in both the domestic market and worldwide. We will achieve this through successful networking with profound expertise in modern, innovative and technological achievements."

    Norbert Marcher

  • "Quality is the result of the systematic interaction between farming, the craft of our employees and the targeted use of technology."

    Heinz Ellersdorfer

  • "Our sophisticated technology allows us to respond to individual customer requirements. This advantage is highly appreciated in Austria as well as abroad."

    Herfried Marcher

  • "We build on reliable partnerships with our customers. Long term business relationships are the best proof of that."

    Gernot Marcher

  • "Our organic farmers’ sustainable use of resources and the species-appropriate animal husbandry in pastures are what make the organic beef so tender. Combined with responsible processing and expert market placement, the highest level of quality is ensured."

    Otwald Preis


Landwirtschaftsminister Andrä Rupprechter besucht die Marcher Fleischwerke in Villach

Am 22. September besuchte Landwirtschaftsminister Andrä Rupprechter die Marcher Fleischwerke, um sich einen Überblick über die Leistungen des Unternehmens im In- und Ausland zu machen und um über notwendige Schritte für die Zukunft zu diskutieren.
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Headquarters in Villach, Austria-wide enterprises and Online Store.



Modern and innovative, paired with a long tradition.

Technology / Logistics


The highest technical level with precise IT support.

Product line

Product line

Meat, ham and sausages, convenience and burgers.