Salami, Sausage and Ham


At the factories in Linz, Oberwaltersdorf and St. Stefan im Rosenthal we produce high quality ham and sausage products. The complete assortment is sold to discounters – for example as the brand Aibler – in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland. The assortment covers ham, sausages, regional specialities, dried sausages and head cheese.

The brand „Landhof“ covers exclusive hams, BBQ specialties, cold cuts, sausages and delicious meat spread. A new addition tot he assorment ist he development of Landhof pur – ham and sausage products without preservatives or added phosphates.


The brand „Loidl“ is known especially for its salami, naturally ripened up to 12 weeks with different spice coats, traditional Austrian specialities, tongue covered with creamed horseradish and smoked ham. As a popular snack Loidl offers mini salamis called „Salami-Pralinen“. For bacon lovers we offer Austrian breakfast bacon.


The brand „die OHNE®“ offers meatless sausage products. „die OHNE®“ specialities are pioneers for the vegetarian sausage market and popular not solely with vegetarians. They are based on milk and plant protein and are refined with traditional spices and variety-specific ingredients, produced completely without soy or gluten. The goal of producing meatless products is to give them at least as much taste and an appealing look so they can compete with conventional products. The „die OHNE®“ assortment offers mostly cold cuts, but in addition to that wiener and BBQ sausages.

The name Marcher stands for high quality products that are produced in full compliance with our high performance operational standards, using most modern technologies and profound expertise.

 Benedikt Ney, Head of production Sausage and ham

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