Marcher Fleischwerke are host to several premium store brands. For raw meat that would be STYRIA BEEF – a premium beef brand by Styrian organic farmers – as well as ABSOLUT STEIRISCH as a premium program for pork. At – another Marcher Fleischwerke brand – selected high-quality meat is sold in an online store.

The deli department is covered by LANDHOF as a brand for Austrian ham and sausage specialities. LOIDL is the expert for salami and raw sausages. The brand DIE OHNE is a vegetarian cold cut which can compete with traditional cold cuts because of its recipe and taste.

BLASKO CONVENIENCE understands itself as the prime convenience brand for traditional Austrian dishes.


Taste is a matter of maturity. This is why LOIDL salami is left to naturally mature, just as back in the olden days. And that is what makes it so much better!

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The specialist for ham and cold meats from Upper Austria.

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The vegetarian alternative: meat-free cold meats, without palm oil, soya, or gluten.

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Blasko Convenience sees itself as a service partner of food service industry, industrial kitchens, nursery schools, petrol station shops, the hotel and the food retail industry.

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Hand-picked masterpieces straight from our production. Place your order online, get it delivered to your home the very next day.

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Styria Beef is the premium beef brand of Styrian farmers. All animals are kept with their mothers, i.e. the calves are raised within the family group and fed their mother’s milk.

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100% percent of all pigs come from Styria, where they are born, raised, and slaughtered.

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Du liebst Steak? Dann tu was dafür!

Unter allen Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern, die bis Ende August 2021 ein Bewerbungsgespräch bei uns absolvieren, verlosen wir eine von 10 Fleischwerkstatt-Kisten vollgefüllt mit Steaks.