Burger & Patties

In the Villach plant, the burger production line produces over 100 million frozen burgers a year and more than 4 million fresh burgers. The standard of quality ensured through ongoing tasting and testing. We do without additives such as colorants, flavors and binders. The use of pure beef burgers gives the special beef flavor. The vast majority of frozen burgers are supplied to well-known burger chains, fresh burgers can be found in the major food market.

Big Snack - Convenience Burger

The components for "Big Snack" are processed according to the highest hygiene standards. When choosing processed meat raw materials for "Big Snack," the origin and quality standards are of the utmost importance. The cooking team uses no preservatives, flavor enhancers or colorants. The "Big Snack" is freshly prepared, packed and delivered fresh daily.
The standards of IFS Food version 6 apply to the production of "Big Snack". A secured and constantly controlled quality management system chain from incoming to outgoing goods ensures that quality requirements of customers are met. With the use of CO2-neutral energy, another part of our concept of quality, and a trans fatty acid content of <1%, "BigSnack" products are well below the legal limit.

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