Kitchen Finished Products

A main consideration for Marcher is on the development of new kitchen finished products in the convenience sector. In close cooperation with manufacturers and spice kitchen professionals, common home cooking, Trend Food and festive meat dishes are designed and manufactured in a separate development kitchen and then further developed in the Villach factory. The main customer here for meat, rolls, marinated steaks, schnitzel, goulash cubes fillet wrapped in bacon, stuffed belly are the food service and food retail industries.
The organizational proximity to the company's slaughtering and cutting plants guarantees optimum freshness and quality.

The product development and innovation department has the most comprehensive processing technologies of any businesses available to them. Our idea is to remove technical boundaries, so we can give free rein to our imagination in the test kitchen.

 Josef Pucher, Product Development

Feines am Tisch - home-cooked fare

  • cooked fresh daily
  • kitchen freshly packed
  • without the additional preservatives
  • under regulation and without flavor enhancers
  • breaded with free-range whole eggs
  • produced with CO2 neutral energy

Typical Austrian dishes are lovingly made according to traditional recipes from handcrafted goods by the kitchen staff and, of course, freshly cooked and delivered fresh. Austrian raw materials are our priority. Certified raw materials, ingredients and cooking in a classic style guarantee that the dishes taste home cooked. Not in the least because no preservatives and durable materials are used. The „Feines am Tisch-Produkte“ (reg. brand name) make the consumers' life in the kitchen easier. In just a few minutes an individual, fresh dish is ready to eat on the plate. So anyone can simply enjoy Austrian cuisine.

Dumpling dishes

Additional elements of the convenience assorment include hearty dumpling specialties like spinach, greaves or smoked meat dumplings, which are produced in the Aibler Oberwaltersdorf factory. High product quality, ease of preparation and raw materials from its own processing plants are in the forefront.

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