Tasty dumpling specialities like spinach, greaves or cured meat dumplings add to the convenience assortment. They are produced at the factory in Oberwaltersdorf. High product quality, easily prepared dishes and the use of in-house raw materials are the main focus.


In the Villach plant, the burger production line produces over 175 million burgers a year. The standard of quality ensured through ongoing tasting and testing. We do without additives such as colorants, flavors and binders. The use of pure beef burgers gives the special beef flavor. The vast majority of frozen burgers are supplied to well-known burger chains, fresh burgers can be found in the major food market


At the factory Bruck / Mur typical Austrian dishes are carefully manufactured with passed-down recipes. They are cooked and delivered fresh on a daily basis. Austrian resources are always preferred in this process. The inspection of raw material, fresh products and cooking traditionally guarantee that the meals taste like home-cooked. Furthermore, preservatives aren’t used. The convenience dishes are sold as the brand “Feines am Tisch” as well as countless home brands at Austrian and Italian food retail stores.

"The product development and innovation department has the most comprehensive processing technologies of any businesses available to them. Our idea is to remove technical boundaries, so we can give free rein to our imagination in the test kitchen."
Josef PUCHER, Product Development