To meet the highest possible standards in all parts of the company is especially important for the slaughter and cutting factory in Graz, but additionally to that for the slaughterhouses in Klagenfurt, Steinerkirchen and St. Martin. Short transport routes, healthy animals, product safety as well as seamless traceability have top priority.


ince the beginning of 2017 the Marcher Fleischwerke have an executive department for quality assurance installed which is responsible for animal health and hygiene. Slaughterhouses are visited regularly, and the audits focus on animal protection. Since 2018 intern specialists require their expertise in a self-assessment-center through the BSI-Schwarzenbek. The efficiency of our animal welfare is supervised through audits that last several days.

Cutting and traceability

Directly after slaughter each animal receives a distinct EAN-code which is put on a special label to enable the qualified traceability of each animal and all of its parts. The label is attached on each part of the animal from the very first production step. That secures the traceability from the slaughtering over the primal and subprimal cuts to the final consumer. This system with its state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to produce 20 tons per hour. Marcher is Austria’s biggest beef production.


The range of products includes quarters of beef, conventional cuts with or without bones, semi-finished products for industry and commerce as well as consumer packages for retail.

"Our sophisticated technology allows us to respond to individual customer requirements. This advantage is highly appreciated in Austria as well as abroad."
Herfried MARCHER, Sales
Styria Beef

Styria beef is the premium beef brand of Styrian organic farmers.

Quality programs

The central position between farming and retail allows us to offer all established quality programmes, agricultural production methods and regional brands in addition to conventional products. Organic products, such as Styria Beef – a brand with regional young cattle – rate particularly high in our product range.

Styria Beef

Styria beef is organic young beef of the highest quality, which is characterized in particular by animal welfare within the family association. The organic cattle are kept with their mothers, in the summer in the fields or in mountain pastures and in a permanent open-air outlet in winter. The animals are exclusively fed mother’s milk and domestic organic food such as grass and hay. This ensures that the animals' needs are optimally met and the diverse composition of the pastures and meadows brings a valuable enrichment to the meat, which affects the taste in a positive way.

Thus, the bio-young beef, which are 12 months old at most, have little highly cross-linked connective tissue which is therefore particularly tender and lean. This optimal fibrillation brings a unique flavor advantage. Compared to the meat of older animals, Styrian beef has a higher mineral content of potassium and magnesium, and is rich in protein, vitamins and calories and cholesterol. Maturing the meat for at least 10 days further contributes to its optimum quality.

In addition to meeting the minimum required EU organic standards and the criteria for the AMA organic label, Styria beef farms also meet the stringent requirements of the Bio Austria organic association.

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"Our organic farmers’ sustainable use of resources and the species-appropriate animal husbandry in pastures are what make the organic beef so tender. Combined with responsible processing and expert market placement, the highest level of quality is ensured."
Otwald PREIS, Organic Meat