Technology and Logistics

Beef cutting plant

In 2009 a deboning section, meeting the very highest standards, was added to the slaughterhouse in Graz: A continuous flow of goods based on a precise and detailed computer system specially adapted for the operation enables perfectly hygienic production and a guaranteed traceability of each meat cut to the individual animal. Each animal receives an EAN code immediately after it has been slaughtered. This code, which is displayed on a special tag, enables the online tracking of the carcass and all meat cuts. From veterinary inspection, through pre-cutting and fine cutting all the way to the consumer, complete traceability is ensured. The tagging accompanies each meat cut from the very first step. These installations with state-of-the-art technology offer a processing capacity of 20 tonnes per hour. The group is the largest distributor of beef in Austria.

With this unique system, we demonstrate our extraordinarily high standards of quality. Our own technological development department ensures the permanent technical optimisation of all installations.

 Jörg Mai, Division manager slaughterhouses beef

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