We are a third-generation family business and proud of it.

At nine different sites, we produce high-grade food products at affordable prices, to be sold on the Austrian market as well as exported to more than 40 countries.

Our selection spans the entire product range, from fresh meat to cold cuts and sausages all the way to convenience products.

We focus on using the precious livestock that we purchase from our agricultural partners in the best possible way: in addition to the economic dimension, we also have an ethical responsibility to use this resource carefully and sustainably, avoiding waste and strategically promoting the best possible marketing and utilisation of every part of the animal. The processing companies we work with leverage these synergies and also make the most of available resources.

Our group of companies is synonymous with motivation and dedication. What sets us apart is our confidence, knowledge-based argumentation and fair working practices. We meet others at eye level.

We protect our leading market position with our commitment to constant innovation and adaptability. We take responsibility for our products, and our business partners associate us with expertise, reliability, and handshake quality.

We keep decision-making paths short and trust our employees with the highest possible level of responsibility.

Our motivation is to successfully position high-grade fresh and cured meats. Sausages and ready-made products both on the austrian and the international market.

It is our goal to secure the long-term success of our group through a high level of personal responsibility and efficiency.

We see our responsibility primarily in ensuring food safety and in the correct treatment of people and animals.

As a performance-orientated company, it is our declared goal to act sustainably, both in a business sense and with regard to the environment.

We know that food requires the most stringent hygiene and product safety standards. We think and act sustainably and always strive to handle resources carefully.


Du liebst Steak? Dann tu was dafür!

Unter allen Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern, die bis Ende August 2021 ein Bewerbungsgespräch bei uns absolvieren, verlosen wir eine von 10 Fleischwerkstatt-Kisten vollgefüllt mit Steaks.