Conservation of Ressources

The focus of our work is the best possible UTILISATION of the valuable livestock that we purchased from our farming partners. In addition to the economic aspect, it is also an ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to handle this asset carefully and in a sustainable way, to avoid waste and to drive forward the best possible marketing or utilisation of all components from a strategic perspective. Our processing plants use synergies here and utilise the resources.


It is our task to ensure that ALL PARTS OF THE ANIMAL are processed into HIGH-QUALITY food wherever possible. EXPORT is VERY HELPFUL for this, alongside the processing industry for sausages and ham. We thus also manage to fully utilise snouts, cartilage and trotters in food – the catch phrase for this is "FROM NOSE TO TAIL" - we see this as our IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION TO SUSTAINABILITY. This can only be managed by a large enterprise with the corresponding technical infrastructure.

Parts of the slaughtered animals which are not suitable for producing food are processed by our customers into animal feed and, in the case of tanneries, into leather that finds its high-quality end use in the automotive or clothing industry. We are the only company in Austria to operate our own FAT RENDERING PLANT which for its part, in addition to animal feed manufacturers, also supplies the bio diesel industry via wholesalers or produces components for technical fats which are used, amongst others, in soap production.

Via tanneries, fat rendering plants and bio diesel production plants, a specific use is found for slaughter by-products which are not suitable as food products.


Du liebst Steak? Dann tu was dafür!

Unter allen Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern, die bis Ende August 2021 ein Bewerbungsgespräch bei uns absolvieren, verlosen wir eine von 10 Fleischwerkstatt-Kisten vollgefüllt mit Steaks.