Since the beginning of 2017 the Marcher Fleischwerke have an executive department for quality assurance installed which is responsible for animal health and hygiene. Slaughterhouses in Graz, Klagenfurt, Steinerkirchen and St. Martin are visited regularly, and the audits focus on animal protection. Since 2018 intern specialists require their expertise in a self-assessment-center through the BSI-Schwarzenbek. The efficiency of our animal welfare is supervised through audits that last several days.


The meat cutting factory in Villach – the biggest pork production in Austria – is specialized in subprimal cuts of pork. Meat as a raw material is processed individually as required by the customer: ready to process for the cutter, salted and fat-equalized standards, ready to sell as portions for retail and gastronomy. A generously designed and fully automatic iteration freezer as well as sufficiently dimensioned freezing plants secure highest frozen quality.


A matured logistic system connects all intern flow of goods. The routes between cutting, packaging, binding as well as flash-freezing are designed to ensure the shortest length of stay at each point of production.

Product safety is secured through an uninterrupted cold chain, automatic screening and measurement procedures, storage management in fully automatic box shelf facilities, continuous supervision and data recording.


The assortment includes halves of pork, conventional cuts with or without bones, ready-to-be-processed semi-finished products for the industry or vacuum-packed prime cuts for commerce and retail as well as consumer packages for retail stores.

"We build on reliable partnerships with our customers. Long term business relationships are the best proof of that."
Gernot MARCHER, Sales
absolut steirisch absolut steirisch is the Styrian agriculture regional pork-quality program.

Quality Program

The quality program “absolut steirisch” is operated together with numerous Styrian pig producers and is known as a regional quality program. The animals are born and raised in Styria and slaughtered in Graz. The meat meets all criteria of the AMA quality seal.

absolut steirisch

absolut steirisch is a pork quality program, which relies entirely on the regional power of Styrian agriculture. It not only fulfills all the criteria of the AMA seal of approval, but the pigs are born and reared 100% in Styria and slaughtered in the Marcher Graz slaughterhouse. This short transport is animal- and environmentally friendly and contributes to, among other things, the high meat quality.

The participating partner companies have an upright contract with the AMA seal of quality, as well as with the animal health service and also voluntarily undergo strict quality and hygiene controls and special farm consultation.

Regional responsibility and the production of high-quality, sustainable products are essential parts of the Marcher corporate philosophy. Therefore Marcher pays a quality program supplement for all program suitable animals.

The absolut steirisch range includes fresh meat, and ham, bacon and sausages. All products are produced exclusively in Styria.

More information www.absolut-steirisch.at.