We first began to train apprentices at our sites in 2019 and are happy to receive your application for an apprenticeship. We also welcome graduates from secondary school (whose training period will be shorter), or school leavers who are looking for exciting career opportunities. For those who are motivated to do so, it is possible to complete their Austrian secondary school leaving certificate (“Matura”) while training with Marcher.


Marcher Fleischwerke have set up an extensive training programme for apprentices, with an attractive pay scale and a wide range of additional benefits. Our apprentice training programme is aimed at school leavers as well as secondary school graduates and is centred around meat processing and food technology.

Multi-faceted apprenticeship opportunities in a family enterprise

As a third-generation family enterprise, Marcher Fleischwerke offers a wide range of benefits for apprentices who are interested in the production and sale of premium foods. Short decision-making paths, innovation and drive are the focus of our state-of-the-art business. To ensure that we have something to offer for every apprentice, Marcher Fleischwerke has come up with three types of apprenticeships:

During a classic apprenticeship, apprentices will be given a mentor who will show them the ropes during their initial phase at the company, in addition to the training they receive from their instructor. The extensive business portfolio of the Marcher Group, which covers the entire value chain of meat production, provides an excellent insight in the world of business. Visits to other companies both in Austria and abroad will broaden horizons. On an internal level, there is the option of gaining additional qualifications, for instance in the IT sector, while external possibilities for further training include options such as “meat sommelier” classes. An apprenticeship with Marcher Fleischwerke is also highly attractive from a financial point of view, thanks to remuneration according to the collective bargaining agreement as well as performance bonuses for good grades. There is also the option of having your drivers’ licence paid for by the company if you work hard enough!

same time, there is the option of combining the two. This apprenticeship model is available at all sites. The Matura preparation classes may be accessed from the very first year of training. Any cost is covered in full by Marcher Fleischwerke, including preparation classes, study materials and exams. And even if the odd exam doesn’t go so well, there is no need to pay us back!

Youngsters who have already passed their school leaving certificate may also want to consider a career with Marcher Fleischwerke: Starting an apprenticeship after graduating from secondary school is an attractive option in particular for those graduates who may not want to go to university but would like to receive quality training in the food industry. There is also the option of a shorter apprenticeship period for those who have graduated from a secondary academic or secondary vocational school (AHS/BHS), or for youngsters who have already completed an apprenticeship elsewhere. If apprentices have relevant previous knowledge of a certain subject area, they may also be exempt from having to take certain modules. An additional incentive for secondary school graduates is the fact that their wages are higher than the minimum specified by the collective bargaining agreement.


Du liebst Steak? Dann tu was dafür!

Unter allen Bewerberinnen und Bewerbern, die bis Ende August 2021 ein Bewerbungsgespräch bei uns absolvieren, verlosen wir eine von 10 Fleischwerkstatt-Kisten vollgefüllt mit Steaks.